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Monday, August 3, 2015

Eternal Life AND a Wedding Gift!

In case you're keeping score, a lot has transpired in the past three weeks. We moved. Yes, there's a lot more to be said about that, but I'm still processing everything and trying to find all my pictures, so I'll write another blog this week (I hope!) about that whole deal.

But I got an email last night that made me laugh so much, I just couldn't wait to share it.

Part of the sadness of moving means that you miss out on big events in your former hometown. The daughter of some dear friends from our small group in Wichita got married last weekend. What with the move and many other factors (see upcoming blog, I promise!), we just couldn't get back there to attend the nuptials.

Last week, I went to the bride's registry and sent a gift. I love sending brides their gifts via their registries: it means they get what they want delivered to their door and I don't have to do much except add my sentiments on the enclosed card and press send. It's a win-win for everyone.

Well. This time, it was a win-win-win! Not only did Bethany the Bride get her lovely gift that she wanted, she also got a special message from Someone. The gift came with this card enclosed:

Aren't you impressed with my ability to "white out" the bride's former last name and her parents' address? I'll be getting me a job as a graphic designer next week (just after I find my Windows 95 disks.)
Yes, underneath the "This item must be returned..." warning, you'll see that the Creator of the Universe also uses Target's Bridal Registry when sending a lovely gift. And isn't it interesting to note that in this simple statement, He affirms the existence of the Trinity? Apparently, "We" were busy and couldn't make it to the wedding either.

When the Father of the Bride sent me this last night, I laughed and laughed. It was one of the those things that made me laugh again (out loud!) after the Hubster was snoring away and I was trying to go to sleep myself. Apparently, one is limited in the number of characters one can add to the enclosure card when using Target's "Send it directly to the Bride's address" option. It was supposed to end with "God bless you on your special day" or something like that.

I assure you that I haven't developed a God complex in the course of this move. I've developed many things, but that's not one of them.

The Father of the Bride tells me that Bethany's faith was not shaken by the message and she and her Beloved are quite sure that He was present at their marriage and in their marriage, despite Target's best effort to tell them otherwise.

Since Target wouldn't let me say it, I'll end this by saying: God's blessings to you, Bethany and Aaron! Thanks for sharing the best laugh I've had in a long time!