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Monday, May 16, 2011

So Minty!

Yesterday, for my birthday, The Hubster and M&I took me out to brunch.  We went to Yia Yia’s, one of my favorite places for brunch buffet.  It was magnificent!  I had a banana for dinner, if that tells you how much I ate!

Those of you who have been to a restaurant with BBMI, Ink., will not be surprised when I tell you that Isaac excused himself from the table to visit the restroom.  More than once.  Yes, even at age 10, my boys are still fascinated by public restrooms.  I’m wondering if their teachers battle this urge all day at school.

They’ve asked that we install a urinal in their bathroom at home.  “That would be so cool,” Max said, “especially if we could get the kind that flushes itself!”  Because we tend to have flushing problems here at home (and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination), we’re taking it under serious consideration.

As we were leaving the restaurant to begin our 20 minute trek home, we all visited the facilities.  The Hubster came out chuckling.  He pulled me aside.  “Does the Ladies Room have mouthwash and little cups on the counter for everyone to use?”  It does.  Yia Yia’s apparently feels responsible for its patron’s breath as they exit, so they provide what appears to be Scope on the sink vanities.  How thoughtful!

“Isaac thought it was soap, so he’s been washing his hands with it,” The Hubster continued.  It was in a pump-top dispenser, so I guess that makes sense.

When we got in the car, I asked the I-man, “So, you’ve been using mouthwash to wash your hands?  Didn’t you notice the mint smell?”

“Yeah, but I just thought it was mint soap.  Well, anyway, my hands will have good breath for the rest of the day.”

I guess that’s always a good idea, especially if you’re like me, and tend to talk with your hands.  Maybe I’ll try the new Scope hand/mouth soap/wash.

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  1. LOL! Great story. Thanks so much for sharing -- and I hope the rest of your day was as great!