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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Said Yes

Fourteen years ago today, we got a phone call that changed our lives forever and for the good. After starting the adoption process five weeks before, our social worker called to tell us about twin boys who were available in Oklahoma City. “Would we be interested….” We said yes.

After calling our families and a few friends who graciously showed up to help us get our house in order so we could leave town, we looked like this:

If we look like we've been crying, it's because we had - for about three straight hours!
Thus began the two hottest weeks of my life. The heat index in Oklahoma City never got below 100 degrees (I swear. Even at night.) and most days it was above 110.

We picked up our boys on Sunday evening, July 8, 2001. We had to stay in Oklahoma for about 10 days until all the paperwork was signed and legal. During that time, we had a crash course in Parenting 101:

Never had a baby?

Okay. Here’s two.

And they’re 6 months old.

And one is sick.

And you are idiots.

Now… Go!

But, we survived. And more importantly, so did they.

Our 14 year olds are gorgeous and healthy and beautiful and all that other stuff they don’t want their mom to say. (But they do. And they are.)

Happy Adoption Day, Max and Isaac! We love you!



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